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Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation (And Why Do I Need It?)

A look at how marketing automation can help grow your business and make your marketing even more effective.
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Real-time Analytics

A Marketer’s Guide to Real-Time reporting features in Google Analytics

Google’s real-time analytics are probably some of the most useful yet overlooked features available to Google Analytics users.
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Using Google Analytics

Five Reasons to install Google Tag Manager on your Bank or Credit Union Website

Google Tag manager when used with Google Analytics allows you to track individual users, events, conversions in Third-Party Apps like LoansPQ, and so…
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Woman checking her iPhone instead of her Laptop

Digital Marketing Trends: 10 Mobile Statistics you Need to Know

If you haven't started investing in your mobile marketing infrastructure, here are some numbers that you need to look at.
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A millennial using a smartphone

Future of Mobile Marketing: 3 Trends to Watch and add to your Marketing Mix

With Mobile advertising topping the $100 billion mark in 2016, mobile advertising is redefining the way brands market to their customers. Here are…
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