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Old Timer with Old Watch

Personalization Marketing: If you’re still using Personas, it’s time to get with the times!

Do we really still need to make up phony personas in today’s age of big data and personalization? While the need to know…
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Woman checking her iPhone instead of her Laptop

Digital Marketing Trends: 10 Mobile Statistics you Need to Know

If you haven't started investing in your mobile marketing infrastructure, here are some numbers that you need to look at.
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A millennial using a smartphone

Future of Mobile Marketing: 3 Trends to Watch and add to your Marketing Mix

With Mobile advertising topping the $100 billion mark in 2016, mobile advertising is redefining the way brands market to their customers. Here are…
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Looking at Analytics remarketing data

Is your Credit Union running Analytics-Driven Remarketing Campaigns?

When analyzing the work that we’ve done in the financial industry, one thing is clear; if you’re not remarketing, you are missing out…
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Bank Branch Window Graphics

Window Graphics and Signage for Banks and Credit Unions

Over 60% of all traditional banking products are still sold inside the branch. That makes your branch related marketing something you cannot afford…
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