Barricades & Custom Wall Graphics

Our custom Wall Graphics and Vinyl Wall Wraps are perfect for both temporary and permanent signage displays. They can be used to promote the opening of a new business, to comply with building codes and regulations during constriction, and to sell advertising space in malls and office buildings.

What is a construction barricade wrap?

A construction barricade is typically a temporary wall built around a construction site. They are wrapped with custom graphics that can help build anticipation for a new store’s grand opening. These custom graphic wall wraps can feature virtually any type of images and branding including, but not limited to:

  • Your Company name and logo.
  • Product announcements and advertisements.
  • Opening dates and remodel information.
  • Contracting company information and code compliance information.

Why should you use one of our Custom Barricade Wall Wraps?

A Barricade Wrap on an outdoor Mall during construction

Because nothing builds anticipation for a new store’s grand opening like a full size promotional wall wrap.  Not only do these graphic wraps generate excitement, but they also conceal construction work before the big opening.

  • Construction wall graphics can build excitement, awareness, and buzz before your store ever opens.
  • Wall graphics can turn unsightly construction areas into branded displays that will conceal the work from the public.
  • A mall barricade graphic can turn an empty storefront into a giant billboard while the space is being promoted to new tenants.

Large Format Graphic Services:

  • Full Color Wall Barricades
  • Custom Vinyl Wallpaper
  • Vinyl Floor Graphics & Mall Advertising
  • Professional Installation Services
  • We also offer installation services to ad agencies, and other printing companies.

Would you like more information on our wall wraps?

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Outdoor Vinyl Sign Barricade Wrap