Freedom Ride

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Nuvision Credit Union, wanted to build community awareness and reach out to military and first respondedrs throughout their branch network.  

Over 350 Motorcycle riders attending an all day Fourth of July Event
Over 10,000 live video views, 350 riders riding the two-hour ride, and memories that will last a lifetime!


To reach a group that is somewhat skeptical of marketing gimmicks in a real and genuine way.


Taking an omni-channel approach and creating a real-world event that is real and genuine to the community we are targeting. The Freedom Ride was a motorcycle ride and concert that raised money to support veterans causes while rallying first responders, active duty military and veterans. The event brought social media community engagement into the real world and created an event that participates will rember for years to come.


We brought in over 350 motorcycle riders, military and first responders who spent the entire day with Nuvision Credit Union interacting with staff and sharing the event throughout multiple social media channels.  

350 Riders

 Omni-Channel Event

10,000+ Live Views

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